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4 Key Features of Storage Solutions For Military Applications

storage solutions for military

We are witnessing an increasingly digital world where demand is growing for high-capacity storage and memory solutions. For mission-critical applications like those in the surveillance, defense, and aerospace industries, these solutions must provide solid data integrity, reliability, performance, and security.

DRAM and solid state drive manufacturer, Accelerated Memory Production Inc. offers a wide range of products that meet these challenging requirements, and provide secure and stable storage solutions for military applications

In this post, we are discussing some key features that facilitate mission success in military, aviation, and security applications where AMP Inc. storage and memory solutions excel.

How to Choose Reliable Storage Solutions For Military

Military requirements are strategic in nature and there is little room for error in the storage solutions for military applications. The products must clear the most stringent quality checks for military use. 

If you are in the market for high-performance SSD or SD storage products specifically made for security and military applications, keep the following factors in mind.

Reliability in Harsh Operating Conditions And Environments

In order to function optimally in tough operating conditions of defense and aerospace applications, the storage solutions for military use must be ruggedly designed. 

The DRAM and flash modules of AMP Inc. operate over a wide temperature range (from -40° C to 85° C) that surpasses JEDEC standards. They are also tested to withstand the contraction and expansion associated with cycling temperatures.

Intelligent algorithms dispense workloads to prevent overheating and reduce working temperatures based on the integrated thermal sensor output. A ground-breaking design that separates the flash memory and SSD controller with copper improves passive cooling.

Rock-Solid Security For Protection of Sensitive Data

It goes without saying that preventing sensitive data from being compromised is of paramount importance in applications involving national security. AMP Inc.’s self-encrypting drives are fully protected by hardware-based encryption.

storage solutions for military

Data Integrity & Protection

When it comes to storage solutions for military use, data protection is crucial in mission-critical applications including in situations like power failure. AMP Inc.’s storage technologies deliver this capability.

Optimum Storage Management For Data Preservation And Stable Performance

When recording video in surveillance applications, maintaining stable read-write performance is paramount to ensuring frames are not lost. AMP Inc.’s storage solutions for military and defense applications optimize disk management to deliver reliable write performance. Every frame is recorded for highest-quality videos. 

AMP Inc. Provides Optimized Storage Solutions For Military And Defense Applications

When it comes to storage solutions for military use, a key metric is system availability, whether in peace or war. Device failure may mean delayed or missed missions at best, and lost lives at worst. Support teams are continuously challenged to reduce downtime and prevent failure. While the system’s interfaces and host computer may be maintainable and reliable, legacy storage solutions are not. 

AMP Inc. has been serving the military market for over 14 years. Our storage and memory products provide absolute privacy and uncompromised data security capabilities, preventing all unauthorized access to sensitive information. These storage products can be further customized and optimized according to your specific requirements.

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