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Our products are available worldwide to a wide array of businesses and industries.

Applications – SSD Smart

Since 2007, Accelerated Memory Production, Inc. has manufactured storage and memory solutions for some of the top industrial OEM enterprises in the world. Over all these years, our commitment to developing the most sophisticated technology products to optimize the performance and value of our customers’ applications remains consistent.

Transportation Solutions

The automotive OEMs are known for demanding strict quality standards for performance and power. And although this industry requires products that are highly resistant to vibration, moisture, device temperature, and shock, the end consumers expect convenience and speed as well. The operating system in an automobile today has evolved drastically over the past decade.

The systems have computerized central command mechanisms, many of which have in-car entertainment, navigation, and driver communication systems. We meet all of these needs with our unique suite of SSD drive storage solutions that ensure unmatched data integrity and offer fast read-and-write speeds to guarantee maximum data accuracy and current pending sector count. We deliver the extreme ruggedness, high reliability, high quality, long-term product support, and correct smart attributes and monitoring system that are required in this industry.

Server | Networking Solutions

Communication and networking equipment is vital to any organization’s infrastructure since it helps increase efficiency and productivity. As an OEM in this industry, your customers may include large corporations with vast IT infrastructure that’s housed in an environment-controlled server cluster or small companies with no dedicated IT support staff. With such a diverse customer base, you need solutions that are suitable for each, from fully-integrated server racks to stand-alone boxes.

Our data storage solutions were specifically designed to meet the varied demands of communications and networking OEMs. We provide the same high reliability, high performance, cost-efficiency, and low-profile storage for every need. From eUSB flash modules to DDR4 memory modules, our smart data solutions are superior for communication applications and mission-critical networking that require 24×7 reliability.

At Accelerated Memory Production, Inc., we meticulously build, test, and deploy modules to corporations worldwide. As a leading source for DRAM memory products, we have a wide range of modules to support countless high-performance computing applications.

Enterprise storage and server applications demand thermal efficiency, low power consumption, data security, high reliability, and high performance. From NVMe SSD smart storage to solutions that enable persistent main memory, our products are engineered with the highest levels of performance for the most transaction-heavy applications and data-heavy, large-scale servers.

With servers being pushed to their limits in today’s transaction-intensive world, our goal is to meet this need with the highest capacity, highest performing yet competitively priced networked storage systems. Metadata logging, Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), reporting technology, self-monitoring, background data maintenance, video-on-demand, and super-computing are some of our solutions’ smart attributes.

Military and Aerospace Solutions

Storage and server applications used in missile defense, avionics, UAV, and other military environments require stringent capacity, performance, and rugged capabilities. They have to collect data from multiple sources and then process and deliver that information in real-time, often under extreme conditions.

Aerospace and defense applications also have to handle the most extreme requirements, whether withstanding a fighter jet’s shock and vibration or extreme temperatures in unmanned aerial vehicles. Accelerated Memory Production, Inc., manufactures products for this market with one objective: to deliver innovative SSD drive, DRAM, and MCP (multi-chip package) solutions with necessary compliance requirements.

Photography and Video Solutions

Robust and versatile storage solutions are the backbone of capturing and preserving stunning visual memories. At AMP, Inc. we understand the demanding needs of photographers of all levels, from casual smartphone enthusiasts to seasoned professionals tackling challenging commercial, outdoor, and lifestyle shoots.

Just as a watchful eye keeps your loved ones and valuables safe, reliable storage solutions are the unsung heroes of effective security camera systems. We understand the critical role your cameras play in maintaining peace of mind and deterring unwanted activity. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of storage options specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of security and video surveillance systems.

Gaming Solutions

Elevate your gameplay to new heights with our cutting-edge memory products designed for a wide range of video game consoles, from PlayStation and Xbox, handheld devices, and PCs. At the core of this gaming transformation are our high-performance SSDs and SD cards, meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of video game enthusiasts.

Dive into the future of gaming technology and don’t just play the game – own it. Shop our products and embark on a journey where every gaming moment is a masterpiece in the making. Upgrade, customize, and conquer with our cutting-edge memory solutions!

Best-in-Class Tech Solutions from Highly Rated Storage Engineers

Accelerated Memory Production, Inc. can manufacture any technology solution dedicated to the strictest requirements of the leading OEMs worldwide. With over 15 years of manufacturing expertise in Flash/DRAM memory, we offer all the smart attributes and support to help our customers with cutting-edge solutions. To know more, call us at +1-714-460-9800 or contact our team online.