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Legacy Solutions

1.8″ & 2.5″ PATA SSD | 1.8″ SATA SSD | DDR3/DDR2/DDR1 Memory Modules | Compact Flash

Accelerated Memory Production, Inc. offers a wide variety of storage solutions for the upkeep and maintenance of legacy systems.

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AMP Inc.’s 1.8-inch PATA SSD is a high performance and high reliability storage device based on NAND Flash technology that is designed to solve the bottleneck of computing systems by traditional HDDs. Featuring no moving parts and it has the same host interface and same physical dimensions as HDDs, so it can be a drop-in replacement with no modification. The AMP, Inc 1.8-inch PATA SSD purely consists of semiconductor devices and NAND flash memories which give rugged features against shock and vibrations, making it ideal for use in extreme environments such as industrial PC and increased MTBF. Furthermore, it features a highly advanced flash memory management algorithm to guarantee higher performance and data integrity. With a high performance and low power consumption, AMP Inc.’s 1.8-inch PATA SSD is a preferred storage device for NB and Tabletop PC.



C= Commercial Temperature
I= Industrial Temperature



AMP Inc.’s 2.5-inch PATA interface SSD adopts and advanced SSD controller and NAND Flash components. It is compatible with ATA-8 protocol and supports PIO-6, MWDMA-4 and UDMA-7 transfer rates. Our SSD supports mainstream OS, such as Windows/MAC/Linux/Solaris/Vxworks, and provides storage capacity ranging from 16GB to 256GB. AMP Inc.’s SSDs are also ideal replacement for HDDs which are widely used in industrial control computers, embedded computers and national defense fields.

AMP Inc.’s 2.5-inch PATA interface SSD carries out a series of strict temperature, vibration, and shock tests in accordance with standards of military equipment to ensure the products work in harsh environments.



C= Commercial Temperature
I= Industrial Temperature

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1.8″ SATA III Prime Series 3D pSLC SSD

AMP Inc.’s Prime Series HyperLink SSD (HLSSD) delivers leading performance and quality of service combined with world-class reliability and endurance for Serial ATA (SATA)-based computers in two capacities: 500GB and 1TB.

AMP Inc.’s Prime Series uses a single-chip controller with a SATA interface on the system side and 8-channels of HLNAND Flash internally. The 1.8-inch form factor enables interchangeability with existing hard disk drives (HDDs) and native SATA HDD drop-in replacement with the enhanced performance, reliability, ruggedness, and power savings offered by an SSD.

Additional features:

  • Host Key Encryption or TCG Opal Encryption
  • FIPS-197 certified hardware-based AES-256 encryption engine
  • Secure erase command set
  • Enhanced SMART ATA feature set

0A= Host Key Encryption
OP= TCG OPAL Encryption
I= Industrial Temperature



AMP Inc.’s 1.8″ SATA SSD provide high capacity flash memory that electrically complies with Serial ATA (SATA) standard. It supports SATA III standard (6.0GHz) with high performance.  AMP Inc.’s 1.8″ SATA SSD is designed for the industrial field, and supports several standard features, including NCQ, and S.M.A.R.T. The SSD has good performance with no latency time and small seek time. It effectively reduces the booting time of operation systems and the power consumption is less than hard disk drives (HDD).

* C = Commercial Temperature
* I = Industrial Temperature

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DDR3, DDR2, DDR1 Memory Modules

  • Available in Commercial & Industrial Temperatures (0ºC to 70ºC, -40ºC to 85ºC)
  • Optional: Conformal Coating – Heat Sink – Underfill



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Compact Flash

AMP Inc.’s CompactFlash Card products provide a high level interface to the host computer, allowing commands to be issued to the CompactFlash Card to read or write blocks of memory. AMP Inc.’s CompactFlash Card intelligent controller manages interface protocols, data storage and retrieval as well as ECC, defect handling and diagnostics, power management, and clock control.

Key Features:

  • Easy Installation
  • SLC, MLC
  • Capacities from 8GB to 1TB
  • ATA/IDE Interface-simple Plug and Play PC solution
  • Extremely rugged and reliable
  • Low-power consumption
  • Built in “on-the-fly” ECC and wear leveling
  • Available in Commercial & Industrial Temperatures (0ºC to 70ºC, -40ºC to 85ºC)
  • Support – UDMA (up to UDMA-7), PCMCIA and IDE

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