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Common Criteria

The NSA and NIAP track approved storage products and Accelerated Memory Production has partnered with controller manufacturer Novachips to offer the most comprehensive set of NIAP-certified CSfC/CC SSDs available.

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What is Common Criteria?

Cybersecurity has become a top priority for industries as well as governments around the world. Defense companies and government departments are being urged to adopt data encryption to enhance cybersecurity.

Standardized as ISO/IEC 15408, the Common Criteria (CC) is an international benchmark recognized by 26 countries that provides an infrastructure to define assurance and functional requirements, i.e., manufacturers can create and claim certain product features, and certain testing labs can evaluate those products to verify whether they meet those claims.

What is the Purpose of Common Criteria?

IT vendors – large and small – make proclamations about the security of their products all the time. Without some evidence to back their claim, their customers would be forced to take the vendor’s word regarding the claim’s accuracy.

The CC evaluation is beneficial to customers because it brings in independent third parties to validate those vendor claims against internationally-accepted standards. Regardless of your industry, you naturally want assurance that the products you purchase and use will meet your security requirements. Independent third-party evaluators can give you greater confidence in vendor claims.

Benefits of CC evaluations include:

  • Standardized examination methods so that you are guaranteed unbiased and consistent results.
  • Examinations against recognized industry standard metrics and criteria so you have confidence that the measures are complete and relevant.
  • The credibility of the third party is the basis for trusting the results; third parties that use open processes for standards development and publication of results offer the greatest credibility.

Memory Solutions for Mission-Critical Applications

There are two essential components of a CC evaluation: the Target of Evaluation (TOE) and the Security Target (ST). The TOE is the system/product that is subject to evaluation, and the ST is a document that lists all the security objectives, threats, and prerequisites of the TOE and how it meets those criteria.

At Accelerated Memory Production, our SSDs, SATA port, and PCIe Interface drives are based on data storage technology that is compliant with Common Criteria and FIPS 140-2 and -3, Level 2 & 3 certification. In addition to helping you meet your strict cost targets, our self-encrypting SSD solutions also feature pre-boot authentication, meaning they need an authorized user to unlock the drive with a smart card or password before the computer can boot up or acknowledge the drive.

Our memory solutions’ encryption and authorization acquisition features make them ideal for sensitive data gathering and mission-critical applications. We invite you to explore our storage modules for different applications and needs. For additional information on this subject or to discuss how Accelerated Memory Production can help you address the challenges of delivering secure, reliable, and cost-effective solutions contact us at 714-460-9800. You can also reach out to our sales team at

Novachips Original Part No. and AMP Inc. Part No. Reference Table

Please click on the following link to learn more about our partnership with Novachips and the NIAP Product Compliant List.