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About Us

Established in 2007, Accelerated Memory Production, Inc. (AMP, Inc.) is a leading provider of standard and advanced memory and storage solutions that are manufactured to meet the evolving needs of embedded industrial market applications. AMP, Inc. offers a full range of services, from manufacturing, support, and supply chain solutions with locked BOM’s that support long product life cycles.

The company’s product line includes commercial and industrial-grade solid-state drives (SSD), dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) modules, and flash memory modules for use in both consumer and industrial products. AMP, Inc. is also known for its innovative packaging technology, which allows customers to integrate products into existing systems easily.

Our Mission

Our products are available worldwide to many businesses and industries, like original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators, cloud service providers, data storage centers, etc. Our applications can be found in many different markets, such as automotive, medical aerospace, defense, telecommunications, networking, consumer electronics, industrial automation, etc.

Today, AMP, Inc. is a thought-leader in its space. We are revered for our forward-thinking solutions which are custom tailored to tackle the challenges of the present-day complex technological infrastructure. Our company was founded on the principle that quality matters. We believe our products will deliver long-term value to any organization.


Industrial Grade Solution

Our industrial grade storage solutions products are manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, humidity, dust, and other conditions commonly encountered in harsh environments. They are built using the same process used for commercial SSDs but incorporate a unique combination of features that makes them ideal for demanding applications.

We deliver a full site of services to help your design efforts and build your next-generation storage system. Whether you need a custom PCB design, firmware development, testing, packaging, shipping, installation, training, or any other support, we will help take care of everything.

Superior Memory and Storage Solutions

AMP, Inc. is on a mission to deliver cutting-edge memory and storage solutions for highly complex, agile, and sophisticated communication, networking/server, defense, aerospace, and enterprise clients.

Our mission is to produce solutions that meet our customers’ highest reliability, quality, and performance expectations. AMP, Inc. has delivered a comprehensive line of products utilizing DRAM, SDRAM, SSD, and flash memory devices in both standard and proprietary form factors, supporting either new product or legacy design requirements.

DRAM Modules

We specialize in custom DRAM memory modules. Our team is determined to help you manufacture and test your DRAM modules. We offer various DRAM module options, including DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, and DDR5 modules. AMP, Inc. provides a complete range of DRAM memory modules from 4GB to 256GB. They are optimized for use in demanding applications, including server and embedded systems, digital cameras and camcorders, high-end graphics cards, gaming consoles, PCs, and more.

Standard and Custom SSD

We offer a broad array of solid-state drive (SATA II, SATA III, PCIe NVMe) products ranging from 4GB to 16TB capacities for enterprise, mobile, embedded, aerospace, and defense applications. They feature advanced error correction techniques, low power consumption, and fast data transfer rates. Our SSDs are built using only the most reliable components and are backed up by a comprehensive warranty program

From the AI embedded form factor to universal flash memory storage for automotive applications, AMP, Inc.’s SSDs are optimized for various uses. We revolutionize with advanced form factors, new technologies, and innovative designs.