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Military and Aerospace

Defense and aerospace applications are mission-critical operations, which means they require the most robust and demanding systems. Without reliable protective capabilities, these applications cannot survive hostile environments where humidity, altitude, and temperature levels are frequently punishing. Resistance to shock and vibration is equally vital.

Accelerated Memory Productions, Inc. utilizes current and next-generation designs with hardware-based erase triggers, conformal coating, and physical ruggedization. Deploying Flash technology backed with 24/7 support, we create high-performance storage space solutions with secure data elimination, military standard encryption, and write-protect features.

Storage Devices with the Highest Standard of Reliability, Even in Toughest Conditions

Even the smallest error while accessing data could lead to deadly consequences when in a conflict. That’s why we focus on stability and performance when creating industrial DRAM modules, SSDs, and external drives. We also ensure that our storage systems can function effortlessly in the harshest environments thanks to comprehensive testing.

Since military data is highly sensitive, any incident of loss or theft can lead to monumental damage to national security. We use the latest protection technology in the SSD industry to safeguard sensitive data within our industrial solid-state drives and DRAM modules.

Our defense-specific solutions are a combination of the latest hardware, software, and firmware technologies that guarantee perfect customization to all your needs. The US Department of Defense has stringent military standards. Thus, our storage devices have passed their tests covering altitude, thermal shock, low/high temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, radiation, and salt fog.

Industrial Flash Storage for Aerospace Applications

The different types of aerospace applications – flight data recording, jet mission data collection, monitoring systems, in-flight entertainment, etc. – require flexible flash storage.

Any instruments designed to work at high altitudes must be able to function in strenuous conditions, which goes for storage capacity. Be it an external solid-state drive or an external HDD; it must be able to withstand vibration and other varying atmospheric demands. Accelerated Memory Productions, Inc.’s storage solutions can operate from -40° Fahrenheit to 185° Fahrenheit and handle massive amounts of data for extended periods without any failure.

Featured Technologies for Military & Aerospace Applications

We are committed to offering the most comprehensive range of industrial-grade DRAM and SSD solutions featuring multilayered protection.

Our external SSD and PCIe NVMe drives come with complete data protection, including hardware-based triggers, encryption keys, password protection, and more. They are also equipped with several write-protect and erase features that meet HIS, DoD, and other standards for data security.

Conformal Coating
We can customize our external SSD drive and external storage solutions with conformal coating to safeguard them from foreign substance infiltration, such as liquids and dust. Since ruggedized external drive SSDs are utilized in the harshest defense and industrial environments, this process allows them to perform consistently in those unfavorable conditions.

Shock and Vibration
Accelerated Memory Production Inc.’s extremely portable SSD drives are designed to perform under high duress for vibration and shock, as required by the MIL-STD-810 standards.

Since our rugged solid-state drives are compliant with the MIL-STD-180 standards, they can comfortably operate at altitudes of 80,000 ft. and upwards (in some cases).

Condensation and Humidity
We offer optional underfill, staking, and conformal coating processes to modify the external drive further to withstand condensation and humidity. This multilayered protection against the elements allows the drives to perform well in water-saturated/humid conditions.

Industrial Temperatures
Our portable storage solutions are designed to work in industrial temperature ranges of -40° Fahrenheit to 85° Fahrenheit. This range of functionality makes them perfect for most defense and industrial applications.

Custom Firmware and Hardware
In keeping with the key market trends, our portable storage devices feature controller firmware and hardware that can be modified to specific customer needs. These include LED or surveillance applications, autonomous vehicles, drones, acknowledgments regarding the completion of specific tasks, or special erase commands.

Accelerated Memory Productions Inc.: Home to Advanced Solutions for the SSD Market

Defense and aerospace applications require the most demanding systems for critical missions, be it a computer system in an armored vehicle or a communication system in a drone. For Air Force, Navy, Army, and even Homeland Security, every computer storage device or external hard drive faces a unique set of circumstances involving altitude, heat, humidity, and vibration. At Accelerated Memory Productions Inc., our engineers recognize that each memory solution must be capable of responding in any scenario. Equipment safety and data integrity are two principles deeply embedded in our philosophy for defense applications. If you’d like to talk to an industry expert, give us a call at +1 714-460-9800 or contact us online.

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