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Photography and Video

Robust and versatile storage solutions are the backbone of capturing and preserving photography and video data. At AMP, Inc. we understand the demanding needs at all levels, from digital cameras tackling challenging commercial, outdoor, and lifestyle shoots to the around the clock needs of a video surveillance system. Whatever your requirements are, AMP, Inc. has the storage solutions for your memory needs.

Digital Photography

Capture life’s moments, big and small, with confidence. AMP, Inc.’s  versatile storage solutions cater to photographers of all levels, from smartphone enthusiasts to seasoned professionals.

For casual smartphone photographers, our high-capacity SD and microSD cards (up to a whopping 1TB!) banish storage worries. Shoot thousands of high-resolution photos and videos on your Android or iPhone, knowing every moment is safely captured. Blazing-fast transfer speeds with UHS-I and UHS-III cards ensure seamless shooting, even in burst mode or 4K, eliminating dropped frames and lag. And because life happens, our cards are built to last, featuring shockproof, waterproof, and temperature-resistant designs, so you can focus on capturing the perfect shot, anywhere, anytime.

Professional photographers demand unwavering reliability and lightning-fast performance, can look to our SDXC cards that are engineered to meet the highest standards, boasting transfer speeds that keep pace with even the most sophisticated cameras. Streamline your workflow and maximize productivity with rapid image downloads and offloading. Advanced security features like password protection and data encryption safeguard your valuable work, while the exceptional shockproof, vibration-proof, and temperature-resistant construction means you can conquer any environment with confidence.

From casual snaps to professional masterpieces, AMP empowers photographers of all levels to unleash their vision, capture, store, and share their stories with the world. Discover the perfect storage solution for your needs and experience the joy of worry-free photography today.

Security Cameras and Video Surveillance

Robust and reliable storage solutions form the backbone of any effective security camera system. At AMP, Inc. we understand the critical role your cameras play in ensuring peace of mind and deterring unwanted activity. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of storage solutions specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of video surveillance systems.

Our high-performance SD and microSD cards boast unwavering reliability, ensuring 24/7 recording even in harsh environments. Blazing-fast speeds capture every detail in crystal-clear clarity, while weatherproof and tamper-resistant options keep your footage secure. Whether you have a single camera or a complex multi-system setup, we offer the perfect scalable solution to seamlessly integrate and efficiently store weeks or even months of valuable footage.

Don’t settle for storage that leaves you vulnerable. Choose AMP, Inc. and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your security system is backed by unwavering performance and unwavering reliability. Contact us today to discover the perfect storage solution for your needs.

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