E1.S 8TB PCIe Gen4 x4 3D TLC Industrial SSD

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SKU / Item Number:AMPOLE1P4407T6-T406OLI
Form FactorE1.S
InterfacePCIe Gen4x4
Operating Temp -40ºC to +85ºC
Endurance (TBW or DWPD) 4800
Speed (Sequential Read, MB/s)3,500
Speed (Sequential Write, MB/s)2,600
Speed (Random Read, 4k IOPS)600K
Speed (Random Write, 4k IOPS)450K
FIPS 197/AES 256/OPAL EncryptionSupported
Power Fail ProtectionSupported
ECC (ECC/non-ECC)Supported


AMP Inc.’s E1.S series SSD provides you the ultimate performance and ultra-high reliability over traditional hard disk drive. The E1.S series SSD consists solely of semiconductor devices, it does not contain any mechanical part such as platter (disk), motor and suspension as traditional hard disk drive. Thus, it exhibits superior performance, capacity, reliability, ruggedness, low power, and small form factor profiles that qualified to be the best storage solution for enterprise application with extreme workloads and increased MTBF requirements.

AMP Inc.’s E1.S SSD uses a single-chip Flash controller to manage multiple NAND Flash memory modules. The controller works with a host system to allow data to be written to and read from the Flash memory modules through a PCIe interface.


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