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We are a leading manufacturer of customized and standard industrial-grade SSD drive, NAND flash memory, PCIe NVMe, and DRAM module solutions. With 15+ years of customer commitment, high-quality production, and successful innovation, Accelerated Memory Production, Inc. has set itself apart from our competitors.

Our solutions offer numerous benefits to our customers, including highly durable solid-state drives and flash memory modules and high-volume production of embedded SSDs. We have consistently provided solutions to store data to the world’s prominent industrial, telecom, defense, and networking OEMs that prioritize data-storage integrity.

Why Choose Accelerated Memory Production, Inc.

Widest Selection of Memory Products
From small form factor flash DRAM modules to high-performance computing SSDs, we have a storage solution to meet every industrial need. We offer the broadest range of DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, SDRAM, EDO, SD cards, and PCIe Interface modules, from traditional HDD form factors to small-form-factor with ECC memory (Error Checking and Correction).

Customer Focus
Our team of designers and engineers works directly with customers – big and small – to customize their products’ storage space for optimal performance and capacity within systems’ space and power consumption limits. This level of collaboration ensures our success in exceeding clients’ expectations.

Superior Design
The layouts for memory modules are really intricate due to their high component and trace densities; as the speed of memory semiconductors increases, these complications also rise. This is why we pay special attention to schematic design and layout, component selection, applications development, and software, firmware, and hardware driver development.

Our state-of-the-art design capabilities allow us to address your increasingly complex needs. We work closely with our customers and suppliers to build ground-breaking solutions to satisfy our customers’ memory requirements.

We have become pioneers in solid state drive, NAND Flash, SATA port drives, and commercial flash-based SSD solutions with more than 15 years of service to industry leaders. Some of the world’s biggest OEMs rely on Accelerated Memory Production, Inc. to protect against the risk of data loss in mission-critical applications.

Thanks to our long history, we stand out in an industry that is known for its ever-changing roster of component suppliers. Our commitment to serving our clients in a stringent industrial market and to maintaining our reputation for product longevity and reliability help ensure optimal performance in even the harshest environments.

The nature of our work demands that we comply with and maintain quality-management standards. We are dedicated to delivering to our clients the most-reliable enterprise SSDs and NVMe SSDs, so they don’t have to deal with the common issues regarding product quality and consistency.

A Culture of Innovation and Reliability

Founded in 2007, Accelerated Memory Production, Inc. has accumulated vast R&D experience in digital storage technology, giving us a competitive edge among other SSD manufacturers. Our diverse products cover solutions for embedded SSDs, PATA and SATA interface drives, memory modules, and consumer storage products.

We are continuously creating innovative digital storage solutions and software/hardware/firmware integration services for several industries. Our goal is to offer you the absolute best storage and sharing products in order to create a dependable ecosystem. Considering the global boom in cloud storage and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, we have proactively implemented core values of innovation and trust to provide end users with reliable solutions.

Have Any Questions? Talk to Us Today!

Our design process includes listening to customer needs, studying market movements, and improving our industrial memory modules so as to provide unmatched designs that comply with

the diverse customization requirements of OEMs in defense, aerospace, automotive, communications, networking, and embedded industrial markets.

Since 2007, we have helped customers across the globe enable high-performance computing through the design and manufacturing of specialty memory products. Our ruggedized portfolio ranges from standard Flash and DRAM modules to cutting-edge solid-state drives. We provide custom, rugged, and standard storage technologies that meet the needs of varied applications in high-growth industries.

If you have any questions about our value-added testing services, technical support, or customer-focused operating system capabilities, our team will be happy to have a chat. Call us at 714-460-9800 or leave us a message online.

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