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SD & microSD Cards

Secure Digital (SD for short), is a type of new memory module device based on semiconductor flash memory technology. It has very large memory capacities, high speed data transmission rate, great flexibility, and excellent security. It does not need extra power to maintain the memorized information. It is a unified solid dielectric, and it does not have any movable parts, so there is no need to worry about the damage of mechanical motion. An extended industrial operating temperature range of -25°C to +85° is also available. The integrated enhanced controller ensures long lifetime use and high system performance. Quality is maintained with 100% product screening before shipment to achieve low failure rate. Products comply with RoHS directives.

Capacity Speed Class UHS Speed Read Write
MLC 8GB Class-10 UHS-I 90 25
16GB Class-10 UHS-I 95 55
32GB Class-10 UHS-I 95 95
64GB Class-10 UHS-I 95 95
SLC 1GB Class-10 Non-UHS 20 15
2GB Class-10 Non-UHS 20 15
4GB Class-10 Non-UHS 20 20
pSLC 2GB Class-10 UHS-I 90 20
4GB Class-10 UHS-I 90 45
8GB Class-10 UHS-I 95 90
16GB Class-10 UHS-I 95 90
32GB Class-10 UHS-I 95 90
  • Available in: MLC, SLC, and pSLC
  • SMART Monitor
  • Bit Error Auto Refresh-Automatically refreshes the bit errors that build up over time, before they exceed the threshold. (Accumulated bit errors are detected from read data.)
  • Advanced Wear Leveling Algorithm
  • Highly reliable and pass environmental tests
  • Enhanced F/W algorithm to lower the risk of a sudden power off
  • Dust proof, Water proof, and ESD resistant
  • Bad Block Management
  • Commercial and Industrial temperature ranges