AMP 3.0 MLC SD Memory Card Extended Temp.


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Form FactorSD
Operating Temp -25º C to 85º C
Speed (Sequential Read, MB/s)100
Speed (Sequential Write, MB/s)90
Hardware Secure Erase, Write ProtectSupported
ECC (ECC/non-ECC)Supported


AMP Inc. Secure Digital (SD) card version 3.0 is fully compliant with the specification released by the SD Card Association. The Command List supports [Part 1 Physical Layer Specification Ver3.01 Final] definitions. Card capacities of non-secure area and secure area support [Part 3 Security Specification Ver3.0 Final] specifications.

The SD 3.0 card is based on a 9-pin interface, designed to operate at a maximum operating frequency of 1000MHz. It can alternate communication protocol between the SD mode and SPI mode. It performs data error detection and correction with very low power consumption. The card capacity could reach 512GB FAT32 SDXC.

One of the most popular cards today based on its high performance, good reliability and wide compatibility. It is well adapted for hand-held applications in semi-industrial/medical markets already. With customized firmware technique, the SD 3.0 can be configured with pSLC Mode and presents outstanding performance along with better P/E cycles.





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