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AMP Inc.’s eMMC products follow the JEDEC eMMC 5.0 standard. It is an ideal universal storage memory module solution for many electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, PDAs, eBook readers, digital cameras, recorders, MP3, MP4 players, electronic learning products, digital TVs and set-top boxes. eMMC encloses the MLC NAND and eMMC controller inside as one JEDEC standard package, providing a standard interface to the host. The eMMC controller directly manages NAND flash, including ECC, wear-leveling, IOPS optimization and read sensing. Key Features • Simplifies system design. The standard interface makes fast changing NAND technology invisible to the host. The host processor also doesn’t have to keep changing its software to accommodate every NAND technology change and variation. This helps to significantly reduce the design-in complexity and shorten the qualification time. • Helps to improve whole system performance. The controller frees up the host processor’s resources from NAND management so the host processor can use its processing power on other tasks. • Provides a cost-effective solution. eMMC uses MLC NAND so it makes higher capacity storage in embedded applications much more affordable and enables today’s embedded designs to meet increasing demands for storage.

* C = Commercial Temperature
* I = Industrial Temperature
* Compliant with AEC-Q100 Grade 3, IATF16949